Hi, I’m Cassidy and my pronouns are they/them. I am a Software Engineer at HomeStars.

You can reach me at hello@cassidy.codes.

Fun Things I’ve Done

  • itsme Keyboard: I created a Ruby Gem for creating animated GIFs of user’s avatars, built a JSON API, and oversaw the design of the mobile apps.
  • The Compassion Project: A small charity with a big impact. I built The Compassion Project’s website using Kirby and Foundation.
  • Sound Prints: I worked with another multi-media artist and a research lab to create visualizations of sonic stress environments.
  • Mobile Music Video: I wrote Ruby scripts to create glitches in short videos for a music video with VICE magazine.
  • canitakemybikeonthettc.ca: My very first web app! I wrote this before I really knew anything about anything, but I still like it.