Toronto Sound Prints

A couple years back I collaborated with Sheraz Khan on a couple of art projects. For a while, we had a portfolio site exhibiting our artworks but that domain recently expired.

Optimizing GIFS with FFMPEG

A few months back I was working on an iOS app that delivered GIFs to users. The idea was that someone would visit one of our 3D photo booths, and get an animated avatar created. We could then render animation frames to PNGs using our custom software. The problem was that some of our animations were rather long, so we needed to crunch the gifs down to the smallest possible size.

Developing with Kirby

A year or so ago, I taught myself PHP by way of WordPress. I didn’t consider myself a developer, but I knew how to make things happen. When I learned Ruby on Rails, I was thrilled to realize that I actually understood the basic concepts of programming, and I picked up Ruby really quickly.