Toronto Sound Prints

A couple years back I collaborated with Sheraz Khan on a couple of art projects. For a while, we had a portfolio site exhibiting our artworks but that domain recently expired.

One of the projects we worked on together was called Toronto Sound Prints. I really liked the end product for this project, so here’s a sample of what we worked on.

We worked with Ryerson University’s SMART Lab to create visual interpretations of data they collected that correlated sound data with stress in human subjects.

We took photographs from five locations and applied glitches to the photographs based on the data the SMART Lab had collected. The more stressful a sound was likely to be, the more intense the glitch became.

Toronto Sound Map

King & Bathurst

The map is a snapshot of the different peaks and valleys of sound stress that exist in a city at any point in time. The microphone icons on the map correspond to the images below.

1. Bloor & Markham

Bloor & Markham

2. Castle Frank & Bloor

Castle Frank & Bloor

3. Lakeshore & Don

Lakeshore & Don

4. King & Bathurst

King & Bathurst

5. Dundas & Bay

Dundas & Bay