Scraping The City of Toronto's Council Data

I am working with two of my classmates to create an API for the City of Toronto’s City Council data. We’ve spent a lot of time discussing the idea, and this week we got down to work. Why Are We Doing This? A couple weeks back, I was chatting with Matt Elliot about the stories we might find in this data. He had a great example. Checkout the SmartTrack Work Plan from February’s meeting.

Arrays vs Hashes in Ruby

This weekend I created a small, Ruby CRM application that stores contact information. You can check out my code on GitHub. While I was building this app, most people were using an array to store their contact information, but I wanted to use a Hash. I kew that theoretically Hashes are fster than Arrays, but I didn’t know why. Arrays vs Hashes The quick answer is that Hashes in Ruby are more easily accessible than an item in an array.